The History of Lingerie

Today, lingerie is thought of as sexy articles of clothing used to seduce in the bedroom. But when we look back through history, we can see that it took some time for lingerie to evolve into what it is today. Read on to find out the history of lingerie from its earliest forms to the sexy, modern pieces we know and love.

Corsets: The first lingerie piece to emerge was the corset. First introduced in the early 1700’s this was anything but the sexy piece it is today. Rather, these pieces were incorporated into outfits to make the female form appear shapelier.

In the 1800’s corsets were worn in more of a revealing fashion as singular pieces that pushed the breasts up, arched the back and accentuated the hips.

Closed Crotch Drawers: The first actual pieces of kinky lingerie meant to seduce in the bedroom were introduced in the early 1900’s. Not nearly as sexy as what is worn today, these usually included knee length closed crotch drawers and a camisole top.

Slips and Nightgowns: Other forms of not so sexy lingerie were introduced around the same time as the close crotched drawers. Sheer nightgowns were often worn at bedtime and were a popular form of bridal lingerie.

These soon evolved into slips which rose to popularity in the 1920’s. Slips were shorter and skimpier than sheer nightgowns and could also be worn to eliminate transparency under clothing.

Open Crotch Drawers: The look of knee length closed crotch drawers remained popular in the early 1900’s but a variation came in the 1930’s. The open crotch feature was usually something only your partner knew about!

Pin Up Girls: The pinup girl look became popular in the 1950’s and it marked a breakthrough in erotic lingerie. Now, these sexy pieces were being recognized for their ability to arouse and they were also becoming more accepted in modern culture.

The lingerie pinup girls wore wasn’t quite as daring as it is today and usually included bras that provided maximum coverage and full back panties.

Corselets were also worn during this period. These were like corsets, but they extended below the hips and usually attached to stockings. Though sexy in the bedroom, corselets were meant to provide coverage under evening gowns.

Anything Goes: After this time, lingerie fashion expanded to almost an anything goes fervor. Sheer and lacy pieces began to emerge. When Victoria Secret opened in the late 1970’s, it revolutionized lingerie bringing lace thongs and padded satin bras to middle class consumers.

Some other pivotal moments for lingerie include the rising popularity of the teddie which was commonly used for sleepwear in the 1980’s. Fetish lingerie also became more popular as the Agent Provocateur line opened its first shop in London selling whips alongside bikini bottoms.

As time goes on, lingerie just kept becoming more and more iconic as seen in famous movie scenes and being modeled on stage by pop stars. But if you think everything has been seen and done…well, I suppose time will only tell. One thing we can say for sure, lingerie has had quite a history, and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon!

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