Five ways to beat the fall mood: 

Its fall, and while we all love the cozy feeling of sweaters and boots and the comfort of not having to shave our legs unless we are wearing sexy lingerie in preparation for a good time. The fall tends to come with an actual fall in spirits and general mood. Yes, friends, seasonal depression is real and very much not a thing of your mind.

However, understanding its existence is just one step. Acknowledging a problem exists does not automatically fix the problem, it simply lets us know there is something to be fixed. Bearing that in mind, here are five ways to deal with the fall mood.

Water, water is an awesome healthy way to deal with seasonal depression. It boosts energy levels through digestion and keeps you pumped through the day. Which can be difficult during periods of low moods.

Fruits, many fruits especially berries are infused with healthy nutrients that equally help to combat a fall in overall mood and health.

Sunlight, but don’t forget that SPF. Research shows that sunlight is great for helping boost our mood and energy levels, hence why the change in sun visibility takes such a toll on us, try and get as much early morning sun as you can, 10-15minutes a day should be a great start to this!

Exercise. While getting to the gym may be hard and sometimes intimidating, burning sweat and working your body a few minutes a day not only boost general health and metabolism but also helps improve mood due to the chemicals released during a workout. If you’re unable to access a gym, simple exercises work just as well, anything from yoga, Pilates, jumping jacks, etc. will work just as well.

Sleep. At least 6 hours of sleep a day is highly beneficial. Start with simple meditations and allow yourself to relax till you fall asleep, a neat trick is to avoid high tension or reactionary things before heading to bed. Again, a well-rested mind is a healthy mind.

Fall can prove difficult on our moods, but hopefully, these tips make for an easier transition into and through the season.

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