Cooking Class Roleplay

Many people love incorporating food into sex. They love eating items off their partner’s bodies and sharing delicacies before engaging in sexual activities.

If you have a food fetish, and you love exploring sexual role playing character ideas, you can both of these elements work in a cooking class roleplay scenario. Here’s how you can make it happen.

One of you will have to take the role of the chef and the other will have to take the role of the student. Of course, there is no real explanation as to why only one person showed up to the cooking class that day but unless you are looking to have a threesome or an orgy, you can just accept the fact that everyone else in the class was out sick.

There are several routes you can take from there. The chef can begin touching his or her student to show them the proper cooking procedures until both of you get so turned on you begin kissing and touching each other while smearing each other’s bodies with food.

Another scenario could be that the student did something wrong making the chef angry. This can be a great way to incorporate a BDSM element into your sex.

The chef can punish the student by smearing them with food. They can also use restraints and other toys to exert their control leaving their students helpless.

There are so many sexy role play ideas but this cooking chef and student scenario takes it to the next level incorporating many sexual fantasy elements. What are the foods that you love to eat off your partner’s body?

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